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Shradhanjali Post Application

Instant Condolence Cards

  • Tribute Card
  • Condolence Card
  • Memorial Card
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Our Product

shradhanjali Post Application

Our mission is to empower users to create condolence, tribute, and memorial cards swiftly via their smartphones, eliminating the need for studio visits during challenging times. When a loved one departs unexpectedly, time is precious, and this app serves as your e-card maker for condolence, tribute, demise, Shok Sabha, and Besna gatherings.

Tribute Card

Condolence Card

Memorial Card


Our Product

Safe & No Third Parties

Our commitment to safety begins with transparency in how developers gather and share your data. Data privacy and security measures may vary depending on your usage, location, and age. Rest assured, this information is provided by the developer and may be subject to updates over time.
Data Safety
The developer assures that this app refrains from collecting or sharing any user data with third parties (GOOGLE).
No Data Sharing
Rest assured, the developer affirms that this app strictly refrains from sharing user data with external companies or organizations.

Our Product

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