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School Management

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School Management

Product Info

  • Client: Jaimin Motivaras
  • Category: Mining
  • Date: September 23, 2020
  • Website: School Management
  • Location: Porbandar

Product Detail

In today’s world, administration & management of organizations, particularly educational institutions, has become a tedious and complex task. There are various activities and curriculum tasks, which needs to handle with careful planning, to the point control of the administrative process and systematic approach to help students, their parents, teachers and even the management of the educational institution.

Right from keeping a track of a student’s attendance to generating aesthetic report cards with a single click, school management software let schools perform a large number of tasks with the power of automation. Parents can easily keep track of their ward’s performance and look after his or her academic needs. Not to mention, the school management system has rightly replaced the traditional method of data management with pen and register, thus reducing the possibility of errors in the process.

Whilst the whole process of administration runs seamlessly, schools can deliver students a more effective and constructive academic experience than ever before, therefore providing every student with an educational experience that is more tailored. VSMS is one such software that has been specially designed and developed to confirm to all the requirements of different schools. It not only saves you time and money but also helps in increasing the efficiency and productivity of your workforce. High speed, security, and ease of use are some of the features that come along with VSMS.

Product Modules

Admission Management
  • Manage admission process online.
  • Manage students/teachers/classes.
  • Admin application form creation.
  • Student's online application.
  • Students/parents real-time updates.
Teacher Management
  • Communicate with admin/student/parents.
  • Mark online attendance.
  • Declare result online.
  • Visibility of time table.
  • Apply leave online.
Student / Parent Management
  • Get updates via email/sms.
  • Student can apply for leave on line
  • Parents have access to forums.
  • Access to exam schedule/results online.
  • Teachers/School Management are accessible to Parents.
Fee Management
  • Manage fees collection.
  • Manage online fees deposit
  • Receipt generation
  • Manage dues/concession/late fees.
  • Generate custom reports.
Exam / Class Test Management
  • Maintain student exam schedule.
  • Keep student/parents posted.
  • Teachers can evaluate grades for students
  • Parents can view the report card.
  • Admin can view the result of students class and section wise
Attendance & Time Table
  • Student's attendance online.
  • Teacher's attendance online.
  • Time table visible to teachers online.
  • Time table visible to parents/students.
  • View teacher's availability during their free period

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